Date Activity Who
10 July 2017 PETERBROUGH 710 Hosted by James Matthew and Lauren Dancingfeet Bembridge
6 May 2017 CARDIFF GLOBAL CANNABIS MARCH Cardiff Cannabis Social Club
23 April 2017 MANCHESTER 420 GATHERING HOSTED BY Manni Juana
23 April 2017 SWANSEA ON THE BEACH HOSTED BY Swansea Cannabis Social Club
20 April 2017 Durham 420 Durham Cannabis Social Clubs
20 April 2017 420 Hempstock Glasgow Green/font> Glasgow Cannabis Social Club
20 April 2017 Hyde Park London 420 Rally Hosted by Lady Gardeners, UK Ex Forces Cannabis Social Club, London Cannabis Club, UK Cannabis Social Clubs, NORML UK
20 April 2017 420 Cannabis Freedom March Dublin Spire Dublin Cannabis Social Club
15 April 2017 BRISTOL 420 COMMUNITY EVENT 2017 Bristol Cannabis Club
25 February 2017 Wear Valley Canna Clubs First 2017 Event, Bishop Aukland Wear Valley Canna Club
5 February 2017 BBC Politics Show Barry Brown, CISTA NI
6 November 2016 UKCSC First National AGM, Leicester UK United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs
28 October 2016 HHCC Halloween Party Hemel Hempstead Cannabis Club
22 October 2016 London March and Protest for Cannabis to be ade Legal London
21 October 2016 Post Code Lottery Cannabis Roll Over: BBC Inside Out Teeside Cannabis Club, Micheal Fisher, Trev Coleman, Mark Peacock
2 October 2016 Peace and Pot in the Park at Woodhouse Moor, Leeds Leeds Cannabis Social Club
1 October 2016 Basingstoke Canna BBQ BasingstokeDank, Hampshire Cannabis Community, Tottenham Cannabis-club, Surrey Cannabis Club, Bournemouth Cannabis Social Club
24 September 2016 Surrey Cannabis Club 4th Annual Protestival, Guildford Surrey Cannabis Community
17 September 2016 Joint Party with Watford CC Hemel Hempstead Cannabis Club
17 September 2016 BBQ, Eastney Beach, Southsea Hampshire Cannabis Community
15 September 2016 Grassroots Presentation in Belfast Clark French and others
13 September 2016 Grassroots Presentation in Dublin Clark French and others
13 September 2016 Presentation of All Party Report on Medical Uses of Cannabis and United Patinets Alliance Survey Results to Number 10 Downing Street Clark French and others/font>
13 September 2016 Sky News Clark French
3 September 2016 Durham CC Sessions Information Stall Durham Cannabis Collective
29 August 2016 Community Jerk & Fire 420 Barbecue, Brighton Brighton Cannabis Club
Scunthorpe City Cannabis Club</font>
27 August 2016 Exeter Picnic in the Park Devon Cannabis Club</font>
19 August 2016 Durham's newest cannabis club lands itself in hot water after copying police logos Durham City Cannabis Club
13 August 2016 Sheffield Cannabis Club a day in the park< Sheffield Cannabis Club
5 August 2016 Canna Campfest at Redcar Rugby Club and here Teeside Cannabis Club
23 July 2016 Hemel Hempstead Cannabis Club Awareness Picnic Hampshire Cannabis Community, Hitchin Cannabis Club, East London Cannabis Community, Kailon from Weed Lovers London Link Up, London Smoking Club, Canna Fam, CannaQuilt UK and more.
22 July 2016 Open Market Brighton United Patients Alliance
9 July 2016 Tottenham Cannabis Club Awareness Day Tottenham Cannabis Club and Michelle X
2 July 2016 Green Pride, Brighton in Memeory of Chris Baldwin UKCSC, UPA, Brighton Cannabis Club, Worthing Cannabis Club, Feed the Birds, NORML UK, Keep 'em sweet, Green Worthing, Sussex Cannabis Collective, Hastings Cannabis Club, Hampshire Cannabis Community, Portsmouth Cannabis Social Club, TTCC awareness page, Eastbourne Cannabis Club, Peterborough Cannabis Social Club, South Kesteven Cannabis Club, Bournemouth Cannabis Social Club, Dorset Cannabis Community, Derby Cannabis Club, Sunderland Cannabis Club, Sandbanks Cannabis Club, Brimingham Cannabis Club, East London Cannabis Club, Ipswich Cannabis Club, Medway Cannabis Club.
25, 26 June 2016 Activists and Groups attend the PRODUCT EARTH EXPO AND FESTIVAL 2016 at at Peterborough Arena Product Earth
6 June 2016 John Beattie Show, BBC Radio Scotland Chris MacKenzie
7 May 2016 CARDIFF GLOBAL CANNABIS MARCH 2016 Cardiff Cannabis Social Club
5 May 2016 Northern Ireland Assembly Elections Emmet Crossan, Martin Kelly, Barry Brown, John Lindsay, and CISTA NI
5 May 2016 LONDON MAYORAL ELECTION Lee Harris (1%) and CISTA
27 April 2016 BBC Radio Ulster Barry Brown, CISTA NI
20 April 2016 Glasgow 420 Hempstock Chris MacKenzie, Linda Hendry, Glasgow Cannabis Social Club
20 April 2016 420 Day World-wide marches, protests and picnics London Hyde Park, Leeds Hyde Park, Glasgow Kelvin Grove Park
17 April 2016 Manchester 420 Gathering Colin Davies, Tom Lloyd
17 April 2016 LBC Greg de Hoedt
17 April 2016 Smokey Bear's Picnic in Chapelfield Gardens, Norwich East Anglia Cannabis Social Club
27 March 2016 Birmingham Cannabis Club Easter Sunday Session Greg de Hoedt
25 February 2016 ITV This Morning Show Penny Fitzlyon, Peter Carroll, EndOurPain
17 February 2016 BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine Show Penny Fitzlyon, EndOurPain
11 February 2016 Launch of Campaign to Reschedule Cannabis at Parliament United Patients Alliance and VolteFace
11 February 2016 ITV Central News Sarah Martin, EndOurPain
11 February 2016 Channel 5 News Ann Elk, EndOurPain
11 February 2016 BBC Radio Merseyside Jonathan Liebling, EndOurPain
11 February 2016 BBC Radio Cumbria Mark Gibson
11 February 2016 ITV News EndOurPain
10 February 2016 BBC Radio Tees John Holliday
25 December 2015 Hot meals served to Northampton's homeless on Christmas Day by cannabis club Northants Cannabis Social Club with James Rogers
16 December 2015 UPA Meet with Nick Clegg United Patients Alliance
13 OCTOBER 2015 Bill Buckley show Radio Devon Chris Bovey, Deej Sullivan
5 September 2015 LEEDS CANNABIS SOCIAL CLUB SUMMER PICNIC Leeds Cannabis Social Club
30 August 2015 SURREY CANNABIS SOCIAL PROTEST PICNIC Alan Pavia, Greg de Hoedt, Surrey Cannabis Club
29 August 2015 BIRMINGHAM PICNIC IN THE PARK, SELLY PARK Birmingham Cannabis Club
22 August 2015 Cannabis debate sparked in Surrey Surrey Cannabis Club
17 August 2015 Portsmouth Cannabis Picnic Hampshire Cannabis Community
13 August 2015 Radio RTE Paul Birch
12 August 2015 Dark City Cannabis Compassion Club Radio Alun Buffry
1 August 2015 Cannabis Fest 2015, Redcar Rugby Club Teeside Cannabis Club
27 July 2015 Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow Glasgow Cannabis Social Club
25 July 2015 Public Prohibition Picnic In The Park + Cake-off, Blackweir Park, Cardiff Cardiff Cannabis Social Club
25 July 2015 Beach Barbecue, Eastney Beach, Portsmouth Hampshire Cannabis Club
22 July 2015 Radio 5 Live Greg de Hoedt
21 July 2015 The Red Deer, Sheffield, Patients Perspectives Event United Patients Alliance
19 July 2015 Down Grange Lodge, Basingstoke, picnic Basingstoke Cannabis Club
18 July 2015 Cannabis Awareness Picnic with Feed The Birds & Students Against Cannabis Criminalisation, Brockwell Park, London Feed The Birds
18 July 2015 Brighton, Patients Perspectives Event United Patients Alliance
11 July 2015 Picnic on the Downs Bristol Cannabis Club
4 July 2015 Green Pride Day Celebration, Preston Park, Brighton. Brighton Cannabis Club, Worthing Cannabis Club, Sussex Cannabis Collective with The Cannabis Quilt UK, UK Cannabis Social Clubs, NORML UK, United Patients Alliance, Feed The Birds, CISTA, NORML Women's Alliance, SACC Students Against Cannabis Criminalization and Sussex Cannabis Collective, Surrey Cannabis Club, Worthing Cannabis Club, Hastings Cannabis Social Club, Hampshire Cannabis Community, Eastbourne Cannabis Club, London Cannabis Club, Bournemouth Cannabis Social Club, with Chris Baldwin, Clark French
27/28 June 2015 Stalls at Product Eart Expo, Peterborough NORML UK, United Patients Alliance, UK Cannabis Social Clubs, CISTA, Release, ENCOD, NORML Women's Alliance
13 May 2015 BBC Radio Talkback Glenn DonnellyCISTA: CANNABIS IS SAFER THAN ALCOHOL PARTY
6 May 2015 Election campaigning, Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow CISTA: CANNABIS IS SAFER THAN ALCOHOL PARTY
6 May 2015 Election campaigning, Esher station, London Matthew HeenanCISTA: CANNABIS IS SAFER THAN ALCOHOL PARTY
April & May 2015 Election campaigning in 32 constituencies CISTA: CANNABIS IS SAFER THAN ALCOHOL PARTY
2 May 2015 BRISTOL GLOBAL CANNABIS MARCH 2015 Bristol Cannabis Club
2 May 2015 CARDIFF GLOBAL CANNABIS MARCH 2015 Cardiff Cannabis Club
30 April 2015 PATIENTS PERSPECTIVES SHEFFIELD United Patients Alliance
27 April 2015 Ulster TV ‘Other Parties Debate’ Paul Birch: Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol Party CISTA
25 April 2015 PATIENTS PERSPECTIVES BOURNEMOUTH United Patients Alliance
25 April 2015 Clyde Radio Craig Hamilton: Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol Party CISTA
22 April 2015 London Live Breakfast Show Dale Beaumont-Brown
21 April 2015 Jonathan Liebling, United Patients Alliance London Live
20 April 2015 Happy 4:20, Prague Prague Weed and Cannabis Information
20 April 2015 Parliament Protest Picnic, College Gardens NORML UK, NORML UK Women's Alliance, UKCSC, The Cannabis Quilt UK and United Patients Alliance
19 April 2015 Manchester: Cannabis Festival 420 Manchester Cannabis Club
19 April 2015 Hyde Park London 420 NORML UK, NORML UK Women's Group, UKCSC and London Cannabis Club
10 April 2015 PATIENTS PERSPECTIVES GUILDFORD United Patients Alliance
8 April 2015 Radio Soho CISTA candidate for Streatham, Sammy Herzella
5 April 2015 BBC Three Counties Rebecca Waters of Hertford Canabis Club
5 April 2015 Cannabis Information Day, Singleton Park, Swansea Swansea Cannabis Club
31 March 2015 BBC 2 Paul Birch of Cannabis is Safer Than Alcohol Party
28 March 2015 VegFest Brighton Clark French
27 March 2015 United Patients Alliance, Bristol Cannabis Club, NORML UK, NORML UK Women's Alliance, Feed The Birds, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) UK, Event in Bristol Jeff Ditchfield, Clark French, Tom Lloyd
13 March 2015 PATIENTS PERSPECTIVES MAIDSTONE United Patients Alliance
12 March 2015 Cambridge Home Affairs Comity Drugs Conference Don Barnard, Tom Lloyd, NORML UK, UPA and others
12 March 2015 Question put to Ed Milliband on BBC free SPEECH Faye Jones From UNITED PATIENTS ALLIANCE
20 February 2015 BBC Radio 4 Orson Boon, London Cannabis Club
17 February 2015 BBC Radio 4 with Nick Clegg Clark Frendh
17 February 2015 BBC Radio 4 FM and BBC WEst Midlands Clark French
16 February 2015 SKY News Tom Lloyd
16 February 2015 Eagle Radio 96.4 Alan Parvia, Surrey Cannabis Club
25 January 2015 CAMBRIDGE: PATIENT PERSPECTIVES United Patients Alliance and Tom Lloyd
24 January 2015 MANCHESTER: PATIENT PERSPECTIVES United Patients Alliance
23 January 2015 LIVERPOOL: PATIENT PERSPECTIVES United Patients Alliance
22 January 2015 BIRMINGHAM: PATIENT PERSPECTIVES United Patients Alliance
18 January 2015 Call for Cannabis Legalisation at Portsmouth Event Clark French and United Patients Alliance
3 December 2014 SUSSEX UNIVERSITY Voices of Activism Clark French and United Patients Alliance
4 November 2014 BBC Three Show: Free Speech Alan Pavia
4 October 2014 LONDON: END PROHIBITION MARCH and PROTEST at BBC, Portland Place London Cannabis Club
2 October 2014 Marc and Jodie Emery at Imperial College in London NORML UK, UKCSC, SSDP
41October 2014 Marc and Jodie Emery at Metropolitan University in Manchester NORML UK, UKCSC, SSDP
30 September 2014 Marc and Jodie Emery, Glasgow NORML UK, UKCSC, SSDP
27 September 2014 DEVON CANNABIS CLUBS HARVEST PICNIC Devon Cannabis Club, UK
24 September 2014 Patient Perspectives - Medical Cannabis Stories, Brighton United Patients Alliance, UK
12 September 2014 BBC South Today Simon Dignam, Hmapshire Cannabis Club UK
13 September 2014 PORTSMOUTH: CANNABIS AWARENESS PICNIC Hampshire Cannabis Club, UK
12 September 2014 BOSCOMBE, UK: MEDICAL CANNABIS - THE FACTS Mike Cutler
30 August 2014 Surrey Cannabis Club staging protest 'smoke-up picnic', Stoke Park, Guildford Surrey Cannabis Club, UK
24 August 2014 Glasgow Cannabis Social Club Awareness BBQ Glasgow Cannabis Social Club
23 August 2014 Cardiff Cannabis Social Club Meet N Greet Cardiff Cannabis Social Club, UK
23 August 2014 SKY News re Sativex availability Clark French
16 August 2014 Cannabis Information Picnic Bristol Bristol Cannabis Club, UK
16 August 2014 Meridian News Clark French
14 August 2014 BBC Radio Sussex Drive Clark French and Kieran Reeves
14 August 2014 United Patients Alliance MS & Epilepsy patients on BBC South East Clark French
2 August 2014 First pro-cannabis rally in North-East in Redcar Teesside Pro-Cannabis Movement & Tyne and Wear Cannabis Social Club
26 JULY 2014 Cannabis Awareness Picnic, Reading, England Berkshire Cannabis Community
28 June 2014 Green Pride Picnic Preston Park in Brighton Brighton Cannabis Club
26 June 2014 Support Don't Punish, Parliament Square, London; also in Edinburgh, Dublin and worldwide Talking Drugs
20 June 2014 Stonehenge Summer Soltice Smoke-Out Surrey Cannabis Club
19 June 2014 cannabis Users meet Norman Baker MP at UK Home Office Haskel Adamson, Clark French and Kieron Reeves
16 June 2014 Illegal cannabis plants have been growing for months next to iconic London landmarks including Big Ben, Tower Bridge and the Shard Finn Hemingway and "Feed the Birds"
9 June 2014 Global drugs movement vow to target North-East landmarks with wild cannabis grows Finn Hemingway
6 June 2014 Medical Cannabis Meeting with Home Office Minister Norman Baker Clark French and Kieran Reeves
1 June 2014 UKCSC AGM and the NORML UK Women´s Alliance Launch, Malcolm X Community Centre, Bristol NORML UK and UKCSC
31 May 2014 NORML UK Annual General Meeting and Conference, Malcolm X Community Centre, Bristol NORML UK
28 May 2014 Sonia Poulto Show Clark French
17 May 2014 Talk About Use of Medicinal Marijuana at Brighton's Cowley Club Clark French
16 May 2014 Radio Juice, Brighton Chris Baldwin,Clark French and Keiron Reeves
16 May 2014 Heart Radio Clark French
15 May 2014 BBC Radio Sussex Chris Baldwin,Clark French and Keiron Reeves
4 May 2014 Reading: Weed Wars Cannabis Awareness Picnic, Reading Berkshire Cannabis Club
3 May 2014 Cardiff Million Marijuana March NORML UK, Cardiff Cannabis Social Club
20 April 2014 Glasgow Green Glasgow Cannabis Social Club
20 April 2014 Swansea 420 Gathering Swansea Cannabis Club
20 April 2014 Belfast City Hall 420 Smokeout
20 April 2014 London: Hyde Park Cannabis Awareness 420 Day NORML UK, UKCSC, London Cannabis Club
20 April 2014 Manchester: 1,000 marijuana users to attend 'cannabis festival' at Platt Fields Park ManCan and Mannijuana
16 April 2014 Coventry: Hundreds Due at War Memorial Park Drugs Rally Coventry and Warwickshire Cannabis Community
6 April 2014 DorsetCC Public Meeting #1 - Dorchester Dorset Cannabis Community
17 March 2014 Spoke at La Ramblas Dragon, Barcelona Clark French
28 January 2014 BBC Radio 2 Danny Kushlick of TRANSFORM
14 January 2014 Sky News Clark French, Steve Rolles
13 December 2013 5 Live Colin Davies, New Way Cafe
10 December 2013 BBC Radio Surrey David Binfireld, Alan Parvia forUKCSC, NORML UK, and Surrey Cannabis Club
20 November 2013 Russ Belville Show Greg de Hoedt
18 November 2013 LBC 97.3 UKCSC: Orson Boon, Al Mundo Man, Chris Bovey
22 October 2013 BBC Sunday Morning Live Clark French
20 October 2013 Glasgow Green Cannabis Community Picnic, Glasgow Green, Glasgow Glasgow Cannabis Community
16 October 2013 Exposure ITV: 90% of cannabis consumed in the UK is home grown. and ITV: Britain’s Booming Cannabis Industry Greg de Hoedt, Orson Boon, Tom Lloyd, Dr Gary Potter
12 October 2013 Abingdon & Oxford Cannabis Community Picnic, Abbey Meadows, Abingdon, Oxford Abingdon & Oxford Cannabis Community
9 October2013 Cannabis Hypocrisy Protest labelled a huge success, athough mainstream media blackout would suggest otherwise, DJ Sullivan Reports NORML UK
28 September 2013 Leeds Peace and Pot in the Park Leeds CSC
23 September 2013 BBC Radio Essex Ray Clarke Breakfast Show Daniel Kelly, Don Barnard
22 September 2013 East Midlands Cannabis Protest East Midlands CSC
22 September 2013 KCC Dartford Cannabis Protest Picnic Kent Cannabis Consortium
21 September 2013 Pot in the Park Hampshire Cannabis Community
21 September 2013 Pro-cannabis group to host outdoor picnic in Chelmsford Essex CSC
14 September 2013 Surrey Cannabis Picnic, Stoke Park, Guildford Surrey Cannabis Club
10 September 2013 BBC Radio West Midlands Greg de Hoedt
7 September 2013 Meridian TV Clark French, Berkshire Cannabis Community
7 September 2013 Berkshire Cannabis Picnic, Reading, Southampton Berkshire Cannabis Community
2 September 2013 BBC Radio Norfolk Don Barnard, Alun Buffry, Tina Girling, Greg de Hoedt, Tom Lloyd, Chris Philbin, Kevin Traylen, Joe Watkins
1 September 2013 Smokey Bears Picnic, Chapelfield Gardens, Norwich East Anglia Cannabis Club (Norfolk & Suffolk) and Norfolk Cannabis Social Club
31 August 2013 BBC WM 95.6 Greg de Hoedt
31 August 2013 Legalise Cannabis Event to be Held in Birmingham park: Cannon Hill Park Smoke Out Birmingham Cannabis Club
30 August 2013 BBC Radio West Midlands Greg de Hoedt, UKCSC
26 August 2013 BBC Radio Danny Kelly show Tom Lloyd
25 August 2013 Nottingham Cannabs Protest, Colwick Park, Nottingham Nottingham Cannabis Club
24 August 2013 BBC Spotlight Daryl Sullivan, Devon
23 August 2013 BBC Radio Wiltshire Simon Grover, Wiltshire Cannabis Community
14 August 2013 Cannabis Protest Picnic, Southampton Hampshire Cannabis Community
14 August 2013 BBC South News: about Berekshire Cannabis Community Protest Clark French
14 August 2013 BBC Radio Berkshire, Andrew Peach Show Clark French, Prof David Nutt
13 August 2013 BBC Radio Berkshire, Andrew Peach Show: about Berekshire Cannabis Community Protest Clark French & Greg de Hoedt
3 August 2013 Berkshire Cannabis Picnic, Reading Berkshire Cannabis Community
24 July 2013 Merseyside Cannabis Supporters To Lead Protest Against Warrington Council Merseyside Cannabis Supporters
13 July 2013 Interview with Tony Gosling, Bristol FM Chris Bovey
18, 19 May 2013 NORML UK First Annual AGM and Conference, held at Malcolm X Centre, Bristol Deej Sullivan Reports
10 April 2013 Dark City Radio "Rick simpson Show" Alun Buffry
2 March 2013 I AM HIP HOP Magazines Skunk Debate Greg de Hoedt
February 2013 Greg de Hoedt, NORML UK, on British support for changing drug laws Greg de Hoedt
21 October 2012 BBC 1 Sunday Morning Live Clark French
15 October 2012 BBC Phil Trow Breakfast Show Sanj Chowdhary
16 October 2012 BBC Radio Leeds Liz Green show, with comments from Alun Buffry, Ingo Wagenknecht, Grant Higgins, Adam Capcha Lawlor Don Barnard
15 October 2012 BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester Greg de Hoedt
15 October 2012 Colin Bloomfield show on BBC Radio Derby Drive Time Sanj Chowdhary
15 October 2012 Radio Sheffield on the Dean Pepall show Sanj Chowlhary
10 October 2012 Reading 107 Clark French
2 October 2012 The Russ Belville Show Clark French and Greg de Hoedt
25 September 2012 Is Taking Drugs Always Bad for the Soul: 4Thought TV Channel 4 Clark French
14 September 2012 Liberty Tactics on Radio TNS Clark French
10 September 2012 HASC International Drugs Conference in London Sanj Chowdhary, Greg Cure de Hoedt, Des Humphrey
28 August 2012 BBC News Danny Kushlick of TRANSFORM
28 August 2012 BBC Radio Wales Sanj Chowlhary
19 August 2012 Finding Voices Radio with Mel Ve Tina Mendes and Dean Marshall
17 August 2012 US Radio show "Time 4 Hemp" Matt Southwell
15 August 2012 BBC Berkshire: talking about cannabis as medicine, the Berkshire Cannabis Community and the wider United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs movement Clark French
26 July 2012 UK Channel 5 TV: The Wright Stuff Ingo Wagenknecht
6 June 2012 BBC Radio Sheffield Des Humphrey and Sanj Chowlhary
6 June 2012 BBC Radio Sheffield Des Humphrey and Sanj Chowlhary
23 May 2012 Nimbin Radio FM, Australia Alun Buffry
22 May 2012 The first ever Potcast! – A new podcast from Dr Hemp Clark French, Stuart Wyatt, Christopher Bovey and Chris Mockridge.
17 May 2012 BBC Radio Worcester Richard Smith
West Midlands Cannabis Community

NORML-UK is is a non-partisan, non-profit organisation working for more research into the benefits of the uses of the cannabis plant for all purposes. Mission
NORML-UK seeks to gain recognition for the rights of people to peacefully pursue activities relating to cannabis without unwarranted intervention by the authorities. Description
Founded in 1970 in the USA, NORML is an international organisation representing cannabis users worldwide. Founded in 2012, NORML-UK is is a non-partisan, non-profit organisation working for more research into the benefits of the uses of the cannabis plant for all purposes. We aim to provide a support network to those seeking the normalisation of cannabis users and to influence a positive transformation to laws to enable responsible medical, spiritual, recreational and industrial uses in the UK.

Sanj Chowdhary, Desmond Humphrey, Greg de Hoedt, Dan Kushington, Kit Kushington, Tina Mendes, Clark French, Chris Bovey, Sarah McCulloch, Mike Livelsly, Orson Boon, Jason Reed, Katie Ion and a few others who do not wish to be named, with the full backing of Howard Marks.
27 April 2012 Finding Voices Radio with Mel Ve Alun Buffry
November 14 2011 Peter Reynolds Contests Corby By-Election with diappointing results: just 137 votes, the lowest ever from a legalise cannabis candidate in the UK. Peter Reynolds


Date Activity Who
February 14 2011 LCA Members elect Peter Reynolds to be leader. Subsequently the name was changed to Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR) along with the constitution, policy, web site, logos and fliers: CLEAR was registered as a political party in the UK in 2011, butcontested only one by-election before being thrown off the register for failing to pay the annual fee. It has become a very unpopular campaign group. LCA
February 9 2011 Radio Talk Sport Interview about the LCA re-registering as a Political Party in the UK Stuart Warwick
January 30 2011 LCA Members vote to re-register as a political party and elect a leader LCA
January 13 2011 Lecture to students at University of Brighton Chris Baldwin
January 2011 Second Letter to Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke, Justice Minister after we received a reply from a minion. LCA
October 24 2010 Joined Radio Sussex Winston Matthews
June 2010 Letter to Justice Minister Kenneth Clarke LCA
January 6 2010 Formation of Steering Committee later renamed Campaign Committee LCA
December 8 2009 Brighton Jay Day LCA
November 17 2009 City Talk Radio Don Barnard
November 12 2009 One hour presentation to 30 political students at Brighton University.

The session started off with a talk from Chris. The talk began with various examples of how to get involved in politics. This covered: Voting, Joining a political party, Standing for election (local & parliamentary), Joining or forming a pressure group and breaking the law to achieve political goals. Chris strongly advised that breaking the law was not a recommended option.

Chris then gave a brief history of his early political activities until 2001 when he joined the Legalise Cannabis Alliance. He then spoke about the history and aims of the LCA as a political party and a pressure group. This covered: fighting elections, lobbying MP’s, writing letters, protest marches and political rallies.

Finally Chris talked about the sacking of Professor Nutt, the resignation of five ACMD members and possible changes for the future.

Chris Baldwin
October 29 2009 BBC Radio Newcastle, BBC Radio Sheffield Don Barnard
May 2 2009 LCA Attend ProtestLondon Event in Westminster, London LCA
March 13 2009 Staffs TV News
Dilys Wood
February 10 2009 Radio Five Live Don Barnard
January 28 2009 LCA attend Cannabis Reclassification ProtestLondon event in Parliament Square LCA
January 26 2009 Century FM Tom Hampson
21-23 November 2008 LCA attend Conference hosted by ENCOD and Spanish autonomous Basque Government in Vitoria-Gasteiz Alun Buffry
November 14 - 16 2008 LCA attend UK Hemp Expo in London LCA
18 October 2008 LCA attend Cannabis Protest in Redditch organised by Pinky and ProtestLondon LCA
28 September 2008 Natioanl Green Day - 22 Parks LCA
2 August 2008 LCA run information stall at Gay Pride celebration in Brighton Winston Matthews
30 July 2008 BBC RADIO Northampton: Bob Warmsley Show Chris Baldwin
10 June 2008 BBC RADIO WORLD SERVICE: Have Your Say: Should Cannabis Be Legalised Live Debate Don Barnard LCA
25 June 2008 Chris Baldwin on Sky News - LCA attend Medical Cannabis Protest in London Chris Baldwin LCA
22-24 June 2008 LCA attend ENCOD General Assembly Vitoria-Gasteiz in Spain LCA
11 May 2008 BBC Radio West Midlands Don Barnard
7 May 2008 BBC News re Upgrading announcement Chris Baldwin
28 April 2008 Protest March in Leeds LCA
8 April 2008 Statement read out on Jeremy Kyle show LCA
8 April 2008 BBC Radio Tees Don Barnard
February 2008 Insight Radio Don Barnard
December 2007 IndyMedia interview Steve Pankr
7 December 2007 BBC Look North with "Dads against drugs" Carl Wagner
28 November 2007 BBC Look North Carl Wagner
28 November 2007 BBC Radio Humberside Carl Wagner
11 November 2007 Radio WMF Manchester Gloria Swanson Fan Club interview Alun Buffry
30 October 2007 LCA Spokespersons attend Cannabis and Children seminar at House of Commons Dilys Wood, Winston Matthews, Mark Palmer, Chris Baldwin
24 October 2007 BBC Radio Sussex News Winston Matthews
17 October 2007 LCA Submit response to Governments "Public Consultation" on drugs policy conducted by Mori LCA
3 October 2007 BBC Look North Carl Wagner
October 2007 TV debate along with Mark Oaten MP and others, on Meridian TV Chris Baldwin
15 September 2007 LCA Conference and AGM, Stoke-on-Trent LCA
6 Sept 2007 BBC Radio Stoke-on-Trent, breakfast show interview Dilys Wood
12 Aug 2007 LCA run an information stall at public event in Hanley Park, Stoke-on-Trent Dilys Wood
30 July 2007 LCA launch petitions in support of Cannabis Social Clubs proposal by ENCOD, on Downing Street and sites LCA
27 July 2007 Application to join European Commissions Civil Society Forum on Drugs LCA
27 July 2007 Radio Clare, Ireland Don Barnard
27 July 2007 BBC Radio Foyle, Northern Ireland Don Barnard
27 July 2007 Ipswich Community Radio Don Barnard, Mark Palmer, Alun Buffry, Marcus Davies (THC4MS)
25 July 2007 BBC Radio Northamptonshire Don Barnard
25 July 2007 Radio Five Live Don Barnard
25 July 2007 BBC RADIO Essex Don Barnard
25 July 2007 Smooth Radio 102.2 Don Barnard
20 July 2007 Radio Scotland Linda Hendry
20 July 2007 BBC Radio Northampton Don Barnard
19 July 2007 Southern Counties Radio Chris Baldwin
19 July 2007 ITN Central Colin Preece
18 July 2007 BBC Radio Wolverhampton Colin Preece
8 July 2007 LCA attend Brighton Beach Bong Bash LCA
3 July 2007 KCLR Radio Tomm Dowling Show, Ireland Don Barnard
29 June 2007 Letter to new Home Secretary Jaqui Smith along with The Challenge, requesting meeting LCA
24 June 2007 LCA attend Birmingham Cannonhill Park Smokey Bears' Picnic LCA
22, 23, 24 June 2007 LCA attend ENCOD General Assemby in Antwerp Alun Buffry, Mark Palmer
17 May 2007 Radio 5 Live Steve Nolan show debate Alun Buffry
5, 6, 7 May 2007 LCA stall at Telford Hemp Expo LCA
16 April 2007 BBC Radio Norfolk: LCA announce information stall to be run in Norwich Alun Buffry
28 March 2007 Initiated letter campaign to CPS, press ad MP's, to halt the court procedings to evict Cannabis Gran Pat Tabram from her Milecastle Housing Association home. LCA
23, 24 March 2007 LCA run stall and speak at fringe meeting at Green Party Conference LCA
8 March 2007 BBC Radio Cambridge on Government policy Alun Buffry
7 March 2007 Talksport radio on conviction of Grannie Pat Tabram Don Barnard
21 February 2007 Letter to the Independent on Sunday) about claims that cannabis is more dangerous today than previously thought. Alun Buffry
17 February 2007 Letter to Tony Blair Chris Baldwin
11 February 2007 Letter to Lord Norman Tebbit responsing to his claims on TV that cannabis has increased in strength Alun Buffry
12 Feb 2007 Letter to David Cameron Alun Buffry
28 January 2007 Letter to The Scotsman responding to proposal to give vouchers to drug addicts Alun Buffry
26 January 2007 Letter to News and Star, Carlisle, about THC4MS Conviction (published) Alun Buffry
23 January 2007 Letter referring to Hemcor licensing Ingo Wagenknecht
15 January 2007 Letter to Home Office Chris Baldwin
12 January 2007 On-going Campaign to halt prosecution of Cannabis Gran Pat Tabram and THC4MS solidarity Confessions LCA
12 January 2007 Inaugeral meeting of LCA Campaign Group LCA
11 January 2007 Letter to Paul Flynn MP about Grit-weed Alun Buffry
4 January 2007 Wrote to CPS in Cumbria informing them of Confessions thread on LCA forum in solidarity with THC4MS LCA
January 2007 Opened Petition to Remove Cannabis from the Misuse of Drugs Act on Downing Street Petitions site Alun Buffry
23 November 2006 BBC Radio Norfolk speaking about contaminated bud Alun Buffry
11 November 2006 LCA votes to de-register as a political party after Conference decision to continue as a pressure group. LCA
23 October 2006 BBC Radio Shropshire Don Barnard
19 June 2006 BBC Radio Norfolk re Frank advert Alun Buffry
17 June 2006 Radio Norfolk Alun Buffry
24 May 2006 Capitol Gold and Radio Broadland Don Barnard
4 May 2006 Local Elections: Hull, Leigh, Birmingham Carl Wagner, Tom Hampson, Colin Preece
11 May 2006 Letter sent to Home Secretary John Reid requesting meeting Alun Buffry
17 March 2006 LCA Conference 2006, Norwich: speeches LCA
7 March 2006 Southern Counties Radio Winston Matthews
7 March 2006 Classic Gold Alun Buffry
7 March 2006 Radio Broadland FM Alun Buffry
6 March 2006 Submission to ACMD on Thresholds proposal LCA
1 March 2006 Southern Counties Radio Winston Matthews
January 2006 on-going Initiated CONFESSIONS in support of THC4MS LCA
24 January 2006 Radio Cork Don Barnard
18 January 2006 Real Radio Cardiff Alun Buffry
18 January 2006 BBC Radio Wales Alun Buffry
3 January 2006 Virgin Radio "The Geoff Show" Winston Matthews
3 January 2006 Sky TV News David Crane
3 January 2006 Radio Clare FM Don Barnard
9 November 2005 GMR radio interview also with Grannie Pat Tabram Don Barnard, Pat Tabram
4-6 November 2005 Stall at UK Hemp Expo, Wembley Various
22 October 2005 Stall at London Hemp Fair, Brick Lane Various
11 October 2005 Radio Cork David Young show, debate Don Barnard
24 July 2005 Protest March in Hull Carl Wagner
20 June 2005 BBC Radio Humberside "Soapbox" Carl Wagner
19 June 2005 BBC News Chris Baldwin
27 May 2005 BBC Radio Lincolnshire Don Barnard
5 May 2005 LCA contest 21 seats in UK general election. Results Various
4 May 2005 BBC2 presents LCA on politics show LCA
3 May 2005 BBC Radio Wales Tim Evans
1 May 2005 S4C TV, Wales in Welsh Clara O'Donnell
29 April 2005 BBC Wales Election Special Tim Evans
28 April 2005 First LCA Party Election Broadcast LCA
20 April 2005 Radio Cumbria Ask the Candidates Lezley Gibson
18 April 2005 Radio Cumbria Ask the Candidates Mark Gibson
16 April 2005 BBC Newsnight 20 second broadcast for LCA Clara O'Donnell
30 March 2005 Three Counties Radio Steve Pank
19 March 2005 Radio 5 Live Don Barnard
19 March 2005 Radio Norfolk Don Barnard
19 March 2005 Radio Broadland Don Barnard
19 March 2005 Channel 5 News Clara O'Donnell
19 March 2005 Sky News Clara O'Donnell
8 March 2005 Home Office Drugs Event, Cambridge Don Barnard, Alun Buffry, Steve Pank
7 March 2005 Radio 1 Lamarq show Clara O'Donnell
7 March 2005 Radio London Don Barnard
19 February 2005 Party Conference at UEA, Norwich LCA
14 February 2005 Radio Essex Don Barnard
29 January 2005 Interview on BBC Radio 1 Emily Jeal show Clara O'Donnell
18 January 2005 Interview with Radio Kent KMFM Alun Buffry
3 November 2004 Interview with Korean TV Don Barnard
17 October 2004 Launched campaign against the death penalty in Borneo and Malaysia LCA
1-3 October 2004 LCA Information stall & speeches at the London Hemp Fair LCA
17 August 2004 Received acknowledgment of receipt of The Challenge from David Blunkett’s office LCA
11 June 2004 Don Barnard on BBC Radio Oxford and Radio Broadland Don Barnard
10 June 2004 Local elections: 20 LCA candidates LCA
15 April 2004 Carl Wagner on Yorkshire TV "Late Attitude" Carl Wagner
21 March 2004 SamJam music promotional event at UEA in conjunction with students Hemp Society LCA
20 March 2004 Norwich Pre-election conference for candidates LCA Norwich
19 February 2004 Posted Braille copy of The Challenge to Rt Hon David Blunkett LCA
7 February 2004 SplashFM Radio Dottie Baldwin
1 February 2004 Oxford Radio Passion Don Barnard
30 January 2004 Sky TV News Clara O'Donnell
29 January 2004 Sky News Marcus Davies and Clara O'Donnell
29 January 2004 BBC3 Steve Pank
29 January 2004 Calender TV Carl Wagner
29 January 2004 Viking FM Carl Wagner
29 January 2004 BBC Radio Solent Don Barnard
27 January 2004 Border TV News and Lookaround ITV News Mark & Lezley Gibson
27 January 2004 Meridian TV news Winston Matthews and Sarah Chalk
25 January 2004 Today TV show Don Barnard
24 January 2004 "Think Green" conference of pharmacy students at Aston University Mark Gibson
22 January 2004 Independent Radio Don Barnard
22 January 2004 Virgin Radio Don Barnard
22 January 2004 Radio 4 Don Barnard
22 January 2004 Greater Manchester radio Don Barnard
22 January 2004 BBC Radio Cambridge Don Barnard
22 January 2004 BBC Radio Essex Don Barnard
22 January 2004 Radio Leeds phone-in Don Barnard
21 January 2004 Sky TV Sarah Chalk
19 January 2004 London FM Mark Gibson
19 January 2004 Radio Norfolk Alun Buffry
30 October 2003 Radio Cambridgeshire North & South Marcus Davies
23 October 2003 Viking FM Carl Wagner
20 September 2003 BBC Look East News Alun Buffry, Buster Nolan and Chris Philbin
20 September 2003 Radio Broadland FM Trevor Smith
20 September 2003 Fourth Annual Party Conference at UEA Norwich Click Here For Speeches Various
12 September 2003 Radio Essex, Birmingham FM, Radio Five Live, Vibe FM, Breeze FM, Virgin Radio and Essex FM Don Barnard
12 September 2003 Radio Cambridgeshire and Anglia TV Marcus Davies
12 September 2003 BBC Radio Five Live breakfast show Sarah Chalk
12 September 2003 Radio Leeds, Viking FM, Humberside and WM Carl Wagner
4 September 2003 BBC TV Mark and Lezley Gibson
20 August 2003 BBC TV John Peacock
20 August 2003 Radio Viking FM Carl Wagner
20 August 2003 Radio Broadland FM Alun Buffry
20 August 2003 Channel 5, Essex FM, Radio Belfast City Beat Don Barnard
8 August 2003 Grampian TV Craig Miller Reports programme Biz Ivol, Lezley and Mark Gibson
28 July 2003 BBC Three Counties radio Jerry Ham
10 July 2003 London radio and BBC Essex Don Barnard
10 July 2003 re Biz Ivol BBC Radio Scotland Mark and Lezley Gibson
2 July 2003 6 members of LCA visit Orkney to support Biz Ivol, the cannabis-campaigning MS sufferer. Clara O'Donnell and Mark Gibson do TV interviews and all do interviews with the press. Grampian TV Various
19 May 2003 Radio Columbia telephone interview live Alun Buffry
18 May 2003 LCA driver Mark Gibson comes second in 'Top Gear' TV show's "Fastest Political Party" Mark Gibson
16 May 2003 Coventry Cannabis Event and 'Green Britain' film premiére. Clara O'Donnel
9 May 2003 "2nd Annual Conference of National Drugs Users Development Agency, London Don Barnard
3 May 2003 Speakers at London Cannabis Festival, Brockwell Park Don Barnard,  Alun Buffry, Steve Pank, Patman Denning
3 May 2003 BBC Radio Essex interview Don Barnard
2 May 2003 BBC Radio Oxford interview Don Barnard
2 May 2003 HTV Wales interview Don Barnard
2 May 2003 Classic FM, London interview Don Barnard
1 May 2003 Local election, Newland ward, Hull Carl Wagner
17 Apr 2003 BBC Radio Humberside, interview Carl Wagner
17 Apr 2003 Radio Viking FM interview Carl Wagner
14 Apr 2003 BBC Radio Nottingham, Alex Tralinski show and debate against Peter Stoker of Dyugs Prevention Alliance Alun Buffry
14 Apr 2003 BBC Radio Norfolk, Andy Archer show, interview Alun Buffry
14 Apr 2003 BBC Radio Cumbria, interview Lezley Gibson
23 Mar 2003 Cannabis Hemp Awareness Day at University of East Anglia, Norwich Steve Pank
12 Mar 2003 LCA issue "Cannabis: Challenging the Criminal Justice System" Don Barnard & Alun Buffry
11 Mar 2003 North Shropshire Council, court-room style debate "Cannabis is Detrimental to Health", Market Drayton school 14-16 year-olds. Steve Pank
17 Feb 2003 Viking FM   Carl Wagner
17 Feb 2003 BBC Radio Humberside Carl Wagner
15 Nov 2002 Reply to Consevratives' letter of Nov 12th Carl Wagner
12 Nov 2002 Letter from Oliver Letwin of the Conservative Party asking for advice on policy
11 Nov 2002 BBC Radio 1 quote Don Barnard
11 Nov 2002 Reuters quote Alun Buffry
4 Nov 2002 Exeter University debating society: "This House Would Own A Cannabis Cafe" Alun Buffry
3 Nov 2002 Ultimate Question TV show Mark & Lezley Gibson
28 Sept 2002 Hyde Park Speakers' Corner Don Barnard
26 Sept 2002 Launch of Don Barnard
11 Jul 2002 Radio Scotland Lezley Gibson
10 Jul 2002 BBC Radio Norfolk Alun Buffry
10 July 2002 BBC Radio Manchester Alun Buffry
10 July 2002 City Beat Radio, Belfast Don Barnard
13 Jun 2002 Debate at George Heriotts School, Edinburgh Mark Gibson
30 May 2002 Submitted evidence to Canadian Special Committee on Illegal Drugs Alun Buffry
20 May 2002 Radio Kent interview Don Barnard
20 May 2002 City Beat Radio, Belfast Alun Buffry
11 May 2002 'Mostly Autumn' fund-raising gig, Cumbria Mark Gibson
4 May 2002 Nottingham Trades Fair Speech Alun Buffry
6 Apr 2002 Third Annual LCA Conference, UEA Norwich Various
10 Mar 2002 Granada TV, panel discussion Lezley Gibson
1 Mar 2002 1st AGM National Drug User Development Agency Conference, London Don Barnard and Alun Buffry
23 Feb 2002 John Moores University, Liverpool Mark Gibson and the Late Patrick Denning
22 Feb 2002 Lancaster University Green Action Hemp Day: speech Mark Gibson, Alun Buffry
19 Feb 2002 'Shaping a New Agenda" Cannabis Conference, Liverpool, panel Alun Buffry
11 Feb 2002 Angel Declaration meeting, London Alun Buffry
31 Jan 2002 Braintree City Council by-election candidate Don Barrnard
26 Jan 2002 Braintree Town Hall Public Meeting Don Barnard & Alun Buffry
23 Jan 2002 BBC Radio Leeds, live debate against prohibitionist Paul Betts Alun Buffry
14 Jan 2002 BBC Radio Newcastle, Mike Parr show, debate Alun Buffry
8 Jan 2002 Student Union London Radio interview Alun Buffry
17 Dec 2001 Angel Declaration meeting, London Alun Buffry
22 Nov 2001 Ipswich Parliamentary by-election John Ramirez
20 Nov 2001 BBC Radio Leeds Martin Kelner show Alun Buffry
19 Nov 2001 Crime Watch Daily TV show Patman Denning
17 Nov 2001 Wire FM, Warrington Mark and Lezley Gibson
6 Nov 2001 Oral Evidence to Home Affairs Committee Inquiry into UK Government Drugs Policy, House of Commons, London Alun Buffry
30 Oct 2001 BBC London Sonya & Henry, live show Alun Buffry
30 Oct 2001 BBC Radio Birmingham, live debate against Lesley Green from Mothers Against Drugs (MAD) Alun Buffry
29 Oct 2001 Live interview, BBC World Service Czech dept Alun Buffry
27 Oct 2001 Sponsored parachute jump Patman Denning
27 Oct 2001 Channel 4 News film interview Alun Buffry and Jack Girling
26 Oct 2001 Meeting with Jon Owen Jones MP, London Don Barnard & Patman Denning
24 Oct 2001 Border TV interview Mark Gibson
16 Oct 2001 Oxford Union debate "This House Would Legalise Cannabis" - supporting motion with Peter Lilley MP, Jon Owen Jones MP and Prof Leslie Iverson; opposing motion Dr Tom Stutterford, Dr Bob Rae BMA, Peter Hitchin. Alun Buffry
1 Oct 2001 BBC Radio Bedford Patman Denning
1 Oct 2001 BBC Radio Oxford Patman Denning
30 Sep 2001 Lancing College, Sussex, debate Chris Baldwin
29 Sep 2001 Cannabis Rally, Trafalgar Square, London Alun Buffry
18 Sep 2001 Angel Declaration meeting, London Alun Buffry
5 Sep 2001 Radio Hallam FM, Sheffield Alun Buffry
28 Aug 2001 City Beat Radio "The Scene", Belfast, live debate Don Barnard
Aug 2001 Meeting with Tony Cunningham MP Mark Gibson andJohn Peacock
Aug 2001 Interview on Radio Cumbria Mark andLezley Gibson
Aug 2001 Debate live on Belfast City Beat Radio Don Barnard
Aug 2001 Live phone-in on BBC Radio Birmingham Chris Philbin
Aug 2001 Interview on Radio Essex Buster Nolan
Jul 2001 BBC Radio 1, Jimmy Young show, long interview Chris Baldwin
Jul 2001 BBC News Mark and Lezley Gibson
Jul 2001 Edwina Currie Radio 5, live debate Kate Tuff
7 Jul 2001 BBC Radio Birmingham Alun Buffry
5 Jul 2001 General Election, 13 Candidates
Local Elections 5 candidates
17 Mar 2001 Second Annual Legalise Cannabis Alliance Conference, UEA, Norwich Various
23 Jan 2001 Speech to Politics Society, Notting Hill & Ealing High School for Girls, London Alun Buffry
24 Nov 2000 Real Radio Wales with Bindhi Singh Alun Buffry
26 Oct 2000 Angel Declaration meeting, London Alun Buffry
5 Oct 2000 BBC Radio Midlands Alun Buffry
29 Sep 2000 TV show "The Wright Stuff" telephone interview live Lezley Gibson
4 May 2000 Local Election candidates Norwich and Peterborough Various
4 May 2000 Romsey Parliamentary by-election candidate (Late) Derrick Large
26 Apr 2000 Public Meeting, Peterborough Marcus Davies
4 Mar 2000 First Legalise Cannabis Alliance Conference, Wensum Lodge, Norwich Various
4 Mar 2000 BBC East of Westminster TV Colin Paisley
5 May 1999 Local Elections Candidates, Norwich Various
24 Mar 1999 REGISTERED AS A POLITICAL PARTY Alun Buffry, Jack Girling

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