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US: Senator files bill to expand access to medical cannabis oil in Texas

Britt Snipes

KFDA Newschannel10

Friday 08 Mar 2019

AUSTIN, TX (KFDA) - State Senator Donna Campbell filed a bill on Friday, seeking to expand patient access to medical cannabis oil.

Senator Campbell, an emergency room physician from New Braunfels, filed Senate Bill 2416 to expand the Compassionate Use Act, hoping to give patients better access to cannabis oil.

“This is about recognizing the medical data that exists and providing relief for patients who have had to seek treatment elsewhere because the law we passed four years ago has been too restrictive,” said Senator Campbell. “By lifting unnecessary restrictions, patients who are suffering will have greater access to medically supervised care using prescribed cannabis oil."

SB 2416 would expand the current law that was established in 2015, allowing any physician in the Texas who wants to participate to prescribe medical cannabis oil as long as the amount of THC remains less than one percent.

The bill would also create an Institutional Review Board to oversee and approve the research of low-THC cannabis oil for medical purposes.

“Government doesn’t need to be in the business of determining which patients are suffering enough to be eligible for treatments. These health care decisions should be between the patient and their doctor,” said Senator Campbell.




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