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UK: Sunny weather has inspired outdoor cannabis growers to summer skunk

Adam Smith

The Metro

Thursday 09 Aug 2018

The never-ending summer has sparked an outdoor cannabis growing frenzy as the weather conditions have been perfect for creating high quality ‘summer skunk’.

The prolonged spell of hot weather combined with better auto-flowering strains of skunk means amateurs have been planting cannabis in their gardens or ‘guerrilla gardening’ elsewhere.

With crops taking eight to ten weeks to flower cannabis growers are now growing their second batch of the summer.

Chairman of Cardiff Cannabis Cafe, which is a social club for cannabis growers in South Wales, Magic Trichs said this was the best summer he could remember.

The ‘outdoor evangelist’ told ‘Everyone in our club has had great results this summer and that is purely down to this unbroken, perfect and dense sunshine we have had.

‘You cannot replicate the sunshine we have had indoors, it is impossible, so the flavour and the high from these plants grown outdoors is so much better.

‘And now with these new autoflower strains which are being developed in America it has never been easier to grow your own outdoors.’

The Cardiff Cannabis Cafe was formed to encourage people to become self-sufficient by growing their own crops.

Trichs added: ‘We undermine the black market, we do not want people having to go to drug dealers to get cannabis so we show them how to do it themselves.

‘Our members grow plants on their patios, in their greenhouses, in their gardens and in all kind of places if they are going ‘guerrilla’.

A guerrilla gardener in the West Midlands is proud of his six foot cannabis plant which he is growing in the garden of a nearby empty house.

He said: ‘With guerrilla gardening you have to wait until the days get shorter in order for the plant to grow buds, by that time it’s usually too cold and you lose out to frost which stunts buds.

‘Although we are losing daylight hours we still have warmth and if this keeps up until end of September, early October I’m expecting free weed for winter because of my summer skunk’.77

‘I know people have been going to places like Sutton Park and Cannock Chase to find places to grow there but I would not bother because they could be stolen.’

Police have also been reporting finds of outdoor cannabis plants throughout the country including a big crop near Bournemouth and other smaller finds.

Auto-flowering cannabis plants usually take less than ten weeks to grow and Northern Lights is a popular strain with ten seeds costs around £50 on the internet.

A seed selling website said: ‘Autoflowering cannabis seeds provide an easy harvest of high quality cannabis that can flower without the need to change light cycles or remove males.

‘For these reasons they are also known as automatic seeds, since much of the work of achieving a crop of unfertilized female flowers has been done beforehand.’

Cannabis is a class B drug and the most widely used drug in the UK. Despite the government giving the green light for the use of medical marijuana the Home Office ruled out making recreational cannabis legal.

Drugs charity Frank warned: ‘Cannabis effects how your brain works. It can make you feel very anxious and even paranoid, it can make it difficult for you to concentrate and learn, make your memory worse and make you feel less motivated.

‘If the police catch you with cannabis you could be arrested, have a formal caution, a penalty notice and a possible conviction.’




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