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UK: NI: 'Regulated pot market would help North West'

Londonderry Sentinel

Sunday 01 May 2016

Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol (CISTA) candidate for Foyle, John Lindsay, says a legal and well-regulated marijuana market would benefit Londonderry.

“A regulated market could raise money through taxation that could then be used for education, healthcare and other public services.

“The Government know all this. Their own scientific advisors have told them as much. Their inaction is rooted in a fear of appearing ‘soft on drugs,’ even though they know that prohibition is costing lives,” said Mr Lindsay.

But the CISTA man insists he’s not a single issue candidate.

“A vote for CISTA is a rejection of the old tribal politics that pitches communities against each other instead of working for the common interests of all of the people.

“CISTA supports an end to prohibition, and its replacement by a legal, well regulated market; marriage equality - an end to the ban on same sex marriage in Northern Ireland; women’s right to make choices about their own bodies - the 1967 Abortion Act should be extended to cover Northern Ireland; making integrated education more widely available and accessible; a detox centre for Derry and progressive social, economic and drug policies that address the root causes of addiction.”




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