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UK: 'Cannabis cafe' pair found guilty (Lancing)

BBC News

Friday 27 Nov 2009

Two men have been found guilty of drugs offences linked to a "cannabis cafe" at Lancing in West Sussex.

Lee Russell, of Worthing, and Michael Alday, of Horsham, were convicted of conspiracy to supply cannabis, at Kingston Crown Court.

A third man, Paul Bradley, of Worthing, was found not guilty of the charge.

Two other people, Wendy Edwards, of Lancing, and Sebastian Flynn, of Worthing, admitted conspiring to supply cannabis before the trial started.

Russell and Alday had denied the charges. Sentencing of all four was adjourned to 15 January.

Barbed wire

During the trial, the court heard that police "bashed" their way into the so-called "hole-in-the-wall cafe" in Freshbrook Road.

Electrified barbed wire had been put on the building, jurors heard.

The prosecution said the cafe's security measures, which also included a reinforced "air lock-style" system of double doors, gave those inside the building time to incinerate drugs.

The court heard the cafe's customers nicknamed the business the "hole-in-the-wall cafe" because of the means of entry employed by police during repeated raids.

Russell, of Ethelwood Road, was cleared of offences under the Proceeds of Crime Act at a previous hearing.




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