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UK: Cops raid 'hash cafe'

Ben Ashford

South London Press

Tuesday 12 Apr 2005


DOPEY dealers set up an alleged cannabis cafe - just yards from a police

The Amsterdam-style smokers' den was said to be based in a popular South
London restaurant which pulls in hundreds of customers a week.

Smokers could place their order at the counter before heading to a comfy
basement lounge to savour their stash, it is claimed.

Drug officers say they found portions of the drug packaged and ready for
sale alongside tasty snacks and pastries.

The alleged racket, based in Agadir restaurant and kebab shop in Streatham
High Road, went up in smoke when cops working 100 yards away became

Officers with sniffer dogs and full riot gear stormed the premises last
Tuesday and seized hundreds of pounds of suspected cannabis.

A number of customers were allegedly caught with the class-C narcotic inside.

Chief Inspector Alastair Sutherland, of Streatham police, told the South
London Press: "From the intelligence received, we suspected the venue was
regularly being used for the supply of controlled drugs.

"We had a duty to put a stop to this.

"A substantial quantity of what appears to be cannabis resin was found on
the premises."

Since the bust, leaflets have been distributed among nearby homes and
businesses by police, keen to reassure residents that cops have not gone
soft on cannabis.

The chief inspector added: "The Amsterdam-style cafe culture is not
tolerated in British law and will not be tolerated in Streatham."

Four arrests were made during the bust. One man was arrested on suspicion
of dealing cannabis while another was arrested for allegedly allowing the
drug to be smoked on his premises.

Another man was arrested for possession of the drug and theft, and a
further arrest was made over a stolen driving licence. No charges had been
brought as went to press.




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