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Below you will find a list of news articles, published letters and press releases relating to cannabis, since 1991. You can scroll down and click on an article to see it, or you can scroll to the bottom of the page and search for articles using the search engine.

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Subject Source Date
UK: MPs criticise NHS over failure to prescribe medical cannabis The Guardian Monday 07 Jan 2019
UK: Why barely anyone is being arrested in Tyneside for cannabis anymore - and what happens next? Chronicle Live Sunday 06 Jan 2019
UK: Angry mum slams Alder Hey for refusing to fund her son's medicinal cannabis treatment Liverpool Echo Saturday 05 Jan 2019
UK: Cannabis users face 'postcode lottery' of police punishment The Mirror Saturday 05 Jan 2019
Canada: Quebec cannabis retailers can't meet demand with limited supply Montreal Gazette Saturday 05 Jan 2019
Scientists Have Ranked 9 Recreational Drugs From Safest to Most Dangerous Science Alert Friday 04 Jan 2019
US: Washington Gov. Inslee to Pardon 3,500 Cannabis Convictions Leafly Friday 04 Jan 2019
Canada: Two of three licensed cannabis stores in Vancouver to open January 5 Business in Vancouver BIV Friday 04 Jan 2019
Canada: First cannabis recall hits Alberta due to mouldy pot Calgery Herald Friday 04 Jan 2019
US: Why Indiana court dismissed Church of Cannabis RFRA case to allow marijuana as a sacrament Indianapolis Star Thursday 03 Jan 2019
Mexico moves towards legalising cannabis Financial Times Friday 28 Dec 2018
Thailand's Legalization Of Medical Cannabis Proves One Very Important Thing Forbes Friday 28 Dec 2018
2018: A year of weed in review Feed the Birds Friday 28 Dec 2018
Thailand: Cannabis move a boon for pharma giants The Nation Thursday 27 Dec 2018
Irish farmers set to grow cannabis after Health Minister announces support Irish Central Wednesday 26 Dec 2018

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a list of news articles, published letters and press releases relating to cannabis, since 1991.


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