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30 March 2019

Southampton Cannabis Club Picnic Meet and Greet

12.00 to 21.00 at Southampton Common

Hosted by Southampton Cannabis Club

Picnic in the park anyone?
BYO Everything.
No vendors lists.
No entry fees.
Just a gathering of like minded folk enjoying the day.....officer.
The more the merrier and the harder it is to do anything about.

20 April 2019


At Homefield Park, Worthing

Hosted by Adur and Worthing Cannabis Club

Adur and Worthing Cannabis Social Club cordially invites you to this years Worthing 420 celebrations! Come along with friends and family to celebrate all things 420!

All cannabis clubs and cannabis related businesses are welcome, we just ask that you message us FIRST so we have some idea of how/where to set you up!

20 April 2019

420 CWCC 420 GATHERING, Coventry

15.00 t0 17.00

Hosted by Coventry and Warwickshire Cannabis Club

20 April 2019

420 Hempstock Glasgow 2019

420 Hempstock is the largest cannabis celebration in Scotland each year.

There will be live music, stalls, speakers and good vibes.

More details to be announced soon.

To contact us about a stall / speaker / performance slot please email

Organised by 420 Hempstock Glagow and Glasgow Cannabis Social Club

20 April 2019

Leeds CSC at 420 Leeds

Woodhouse Moor, LS6 1, Leeds

From 13.00 to 18.00

Every year on April 20th, millions of people around the world celebrate the virtues and protest the criminalisation of cannabis as part of the '420' tradition.

Leeds' own organic manifestation of the 420 festival takes place as an unauthorised community gathering on Woodhouse Moor.

As always, Leeds Cannabis Social Club will be found easily on the park - just look for our banner! Expect music, good company and a whole lot of enthusiasm for cannabis.


- Please remember that the use of cannabis on Woodhouse Moor is illegal and police may be present on the day.
- Please keep a positive and respectful attitude towards all other users of Woodhouse Moor, particularly near the residential and playground areas. Instances of harassment, theft or violence may be reported to the police.
- Under no circumstances should children be exposed to cannabis intoxication. Do not give cannabis to under 18s and do not allow them to inhale second-hand smoke.
- Please use the bins provided and do not leave your litter. The future of the event depends upon this.

20 April 2019

The Ganja book of World Records, Haarlem, Holland

All events will take place in Coffeeshop Willie Wortel Indica, Haarlem.

See HEREfor more details

20 April 2019

4/20 In Botanic Northern Ireland

Botanic Gardens, College Park, BT9 5 Belfast

Hosted by Legalise Cannabis Northern Ireland and others

Free for all to come along and exercise your right to consume cannabis!

Last 4/20 was a HUGE success and we want this one to be even bigger ??

All clubs/groups/sponsors are more than welcome to join in on the fun!

20 April 2019

Clouds on the Quay DUBLN 420

12.00to 17.00 at Customs House Quay

Hosted by Dublin Cannabis Club

20 April 2019


You are invited to a celebration of 420 culture located across 5 acres of picturesque gardens at a prestigious venue. This limited capacity private event offers you the opportunity to enjoy the perfect blend of education, entertainment, and relaxation while learning about hemp, cannabinoids and medicinal cannabis in a county infamous for its unique approach and judicial leniency towards cannabis consumers.

No under 18's. No ID no entry!
From 11.00 to 18.00

Hosted by 420 Durham, Durham City Cannabis Club and Simpa Carter.

21 April 2019

Manchester 420 Gathering

Platt Fields Park, Manchester

13.00 to 19.00

Hosted by Mannijuana The Manchester Cannabis Community.

Mannijuana are back to bring you our 9th Annual 420 Gathering! MORE DETAILS TO COME!

25 April 2019

The new frontiers of cannabis science

Buurtboerderij Ons Genoegen, Spaarndammerdijk 319, 1014AA Amsterdam, Netherlands

From 19.30 to 21.30

Hosted by Amsterdam Cannabis Social Club

In order to celebrate the fifth anniversary since its foundation, The Tree of Life, Cannabis Social Club Amsterdam will start a series of lectures and seminars dedicated to cannabis science and medicine. That will mark the beginning of a new department within the association: The Cannabis Science Club Amsterdam. All members of the Tree of life, CSCA will have free access to this new Club and its events by paying their membership fee for the current year.

The first seminar will be dedicated to the new frontiers of cannabis science and medicine. This seminar will be held by Ben Euhus. Ben is researcher at the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel, where he works in the team under Dr. Dedi Meiri, founder of the Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Cannabinoid Research and initiator of the medical cannabis database, a huge project where scientific research is corroborated by constant patients' monitoring. A similar project is being developed here in The Netherlands by The Tree of Life, CSCA and its scientific partners.

Since the publication in 2011 of the article by Ethan Russo which for the first time introduced the term "entourage effect" (Russo E., 2011, Taming THC: potential cannabis synergy and phytocannabinoid-terpenoid entourage effects) a lot has been written about the synergy of cannabinoids and terpenes and the medicinal properties of full spectrum cannabis, but many questions still remain unanswered:

a) Is there definitive scientific evidence that the whole plant with all her compounds has an enhanced therapeutic effect, compared with the isolated compounds?
b) How far are we from a personalized cannabis medicine based on the unique interaction between specific combinations of cannabinoids/terpenes and the individual endocannabinoid system?
c) What's that best scientific approach and research method to explore the full medical potential of cannabinoids?
d) Can cannabis help cure certain types of cancer or other serious illnesses?
e) What are other possible applications for cannabis and cannabinoids in the global cannabis industry?
To all these questions we will try to give an answer based on the latest scientific results and insights.

see also:

11 May 2019


From 14.00 to 17.30

Cannabis Educational and Activism Speakers Event celebrating 5 years of Bristol Cannabis Club.

Speakers will include: Lee Harris, Danny Kushlik from Transform, Jo and Ali from BCC, Luzita Hill medical cannabis patient, Simpa Carter from Durham Cannabis Club, Phil Monk from WTU, Jeff Ditchfield Bud Buddies via video link. More speakers TBC Venue, cost, and start time also TBC

Hosted by Bristol Cannabis Club, Gloucester Cannabis Compassion Club, Bath Cannabis Club< Stroud District Cannabis Compassion Club, Bristol Compassion Club El Aceite De La Vida.

7, 8, 9 June 2019


Peristeri Exhibition Center, Peristeri, Greece

Balkannabis Expo is an international trade show of Hemp and Medical Cannabis businesses, organizations and applications. Balkannabis Expo will host top cannabis traders, innovators, experts, industry professionals and scientists from all over the world in a rich and diverse program that will include a large exhibition area and international trade show.

21, 22, 23 June 2019


Arena Berlin & Badeschiff

Germany's biggest Cannabis Expo in Berlin!

Mary Jane Berlin starts it fourth edition in Berlin, with over 9,000 m2 of hall space and 5,000 m2 of outdoor space is Mary Jane Berlin the leading German Cannabis exhibition with more than 250 international exhibitors and 25,000 visitors. Mary Jane Berlin is not only an exhibition but also a festival. In combination with our exhibitors, Beach Area and Badeschiff, food stalls, live concerts and lectures about cannabis' therapeutic effects an extensive cultural and entertainment program is offered. As a visitor of Mary Jane Berlin, we inform you about the variety of THE green power plant, as food, cosmetic, building material, medicine and much more!

22 June 2019

The Ganja book of World Records, Haarlem, Holland

All events will take place in Coffeeshop Willie Wortel Indica, Haarlem.

See HEREfor more details

6.7 July 2019


20 July 2019

Brighton Green Pride 2019

13.00 TO 19.00 Hosted by Brighton Cannabis Club and Green Pride

Brighton Cannabis Club is bringing back its annual protestival gathering Green Pride for its 6th year. A day to celebrate cannabis, pride and unity in one of Brightons prestigious parks.

In 2014 we saw around 100 people turn up for Brighton Cannabis Club's first ever protestival and then a year later in 2015 we saw those crowds grow to over 1000. By 2016 those numbers had reached to almost 2000 with up to 10 stalls. Then in 2017 there were over 3000 of us and over 25 stalls from businesses to clubs that joined us in our day of peaceful green civil disobedience!

It did not end there, Green Pride 2018 which was our 5th year reached crowds of nearly 5000 and 60 stalls!!

This year we want the crowds to be bigger, the music to be louder and the skies to be cloudier. So cannabis consumers, activists, patients and enthusiasts please join us on July 20th at 1pm in Preston Park and unite against prohibition!

It does not matter if you are a recreational user, medicinal user, cannabis enthusiast, a grower, extractor or even run a cannabis related business in this industry in the current illegal climate. You are a victim of the unjust prohibition of cannabis and NONE of you are criminals!

We are an organisation actively supporting the legalisation campaign locally by promoting the Spanish style private social clubs that would allow for members to consume privately. We believe that a local and community led organisation will allow for a fair and friendly solution to cannabis prohibition and keep the power in the hands of the people.

More details to come!

If you would like to bring your club, business or community to Green Pride 2019 then please email and we can see how best to accommodate you.

4 August 2019

Hampshirecanna Picnic On The Beach 2019

From 13.00

Hosted by Hampshire Cannabis Community

This will be our 7th annual event, they're getting bigger every year, come down to meet like-minded people.

11 August 2019

Cannabis Replacement Party
18 Years Alcohol-free

Details to be announced. Hosted by Surrey Cannabis Club
24 August 2019

The Ganja book of World Records, Haarlem, Holland

All events will take place in Coffeeshop Willie Wortel Indica, Haarlem.

See HEREfor more details

25, 26, 27 October 2019


NAPLES MOSTRA D'oltremare, pavillion 10

5TH Edition

26 October 2019

The Ganja book of World Records, Haarlem, Holland


All events will take place in Coffeeshop Willie Wortel Indica, Haarlem.

See HEREfor more details

1 - 3 November 2019


PVA Expo Prague.Letnany

10th National Trade Show of Cannabis and Medicinal Herbs

28 December 2019

The Ganja book of World Records, Haarlem, Holland

All events will take place in Coffeeshop Willie Wortel Indica, Haarlem.

See HEREfor more details

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